Irina Skoeries, Founder & CEO of Catalyst Cuisine

About This Episode

“It doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive, it just needs to be real.” — Irina Skoeries

Irina Skoeries is the Founder & CEO of Catalyst Cuisine in Santa Barbara, California. Less than two years ago, Irina was crippled by advanced rheumatoid arthritis. She literally could not walk. Unwilling to cover up this disease with more doctors and prescriptions, she was determined to find her way back to a healthy body through food. In record time, she became a professional chef, launched Catalyst Cuisine, and most importantly, she became symptom-free.

Irina is now on a mission to use food as “medicine.” In this episode, we chat about how she considers the human body to be our most advanced operating system and if we can “program” it effectively with the right food choices, we set ourselves up for a healthier & happier life. Irina also shares secret recipes for some of the best anti-inflammatory, paleo treats you’ve will ever try.

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Olivia Newton-John — A dear friend who brought Irina to the EDS family!

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May 1st, 2017

1 hr 10 mins

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